Thursday, December 10, 2009


Friday, October 16, 2009


I just got invited to a concert with a friend who I don't get to see very often (she lives about a half hour away from me). And we're going to go with her boss and her friend. Sounds like making connections to me! Plus, I get to go to a fun concert in one of my favorite venues--Cricket Wireless in Chula Vista. If you come visit me, we should go here!

Unfortunately, this isn't really something that you can control as far as having your friends ask you to events where other people will be there. However, I think the reason she asked me to go is because we've been to a few concerts together in the past. Maybe there's something to be said about having different friends for different types of activities. Just a thought.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PS. Games

I just had another thought (who knew games would be so great?!). A lot of bars these days have game nights, whether with the older games like chess and ping pong or the newer games like Wii and Rock Band. I would think it would be a great way to meet people to go to your local bar and meet some people that way. A little competition brings out your personality. And, having one goal amongst the entire bar gives a common ground to start up a conversation.

Hmm...Anyone want to go Wii bowling with me?

Playing Games Can Be A Good Thing

Quit playing games with my heart, with myyy heart, myyy hearttt....

Last night I went to a wine bar with a new friend (roommate of an old friend who's new to San Diego, which I think is a great sign of friends to come) and I was reminded of something that used to do that ended up being a great way to meet new people. My friend Laura (co-creator of the Pittsburgh chapter of Widen Circle of Friends) and I used to play games at bars. Anything you can think of will work. We loved to play Telephone (a.k.a. Whisper Down the Lane), but you can also do scavenger hunts, take polls, give quizzes. It was such a fun way to spend the night and--bonus!--ended up being a super stress-free way of meeting people that lived in our area.

My new friend, Nikki, reminded me of it last night when she mentioned that she gives polls when she's at bars. Sounds great to me!

On a similar note, having game night seems to be a great way to meet people. You get to hang out in an intimate way, which allows you to control your setting and allows you to get to know your guests a bit better. Maybe a game night should be in my near future where everyone brings a guest...although that sounds like an awful equation for a singles' night! Whatever works ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're All in This Together

Apparently there are more people worried about the same thing: making friends as adults. I had NO idea! We should start a support group :) My friend, Michelle, just forwarded me this article on "The Frisky" that you need to read. It's encouraging to know that there are women out there (and probably men, too) who have outgrown their childhood friends, recently moved, changed lifestyles, etc. and are looking for new girlfriends. I think the main component of the desire is not just a friend you can grab a cup of coffee with, but someone who you don't need to explain the back story every time something great happens in your life. Just because we have loved ones in our life doesn't mean we don't need friends!

Happy Hunting!