Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're All in This Together

Apparently there are more people worried about the same thing: making friends as adults. I had NO idea! We should start a support group :) My friend, Michelle, just forwarded me this article on "The Frisky" that you need to read. It's encouraging to know that there are women out there (and probably men, too) who have outgrown their childhood friends, recently moved, changed lifestyles, etc. and are looking for new girlfriends. I think the main component of the desire is not just a friend you can grab a cup of coffee with, but someone who you don't need to explain the back story every time something great happens in your life. Just because we have loved ones in our life doesn't mean we don't need friends!

Happy Hunting!


Michelle said...

like 4 of the girls who left comments were from it a sign???

Steph said...

Yes! Get on there and go make s'mores :)